People sacrifice their time and expertise to the Idea, finding it so relevant to themselves personally and to everyone else as a whole.

     We, in turn, follow the principle of maximum openness. That is why you can find instructions for each of our directions in the public domain.


     The TRL project is based on a big Idea that solves a lot of problems in a phenomenal interdisciplinary way. This gives everyone hope that there will be changes for the better, with solutions to urgent problems that lie on the surface, and solutions to problems that are not obvious, but that affect everyone. Almost all these problems are beyond the scope of time, they existed a thousand years ago, and they are still acute today.

TRL Global Movement Team

Guide to action for global and association coordinators


     The Global Coordinators and Association Coordinators are guided by their own vision the situation and influence change by independently determining the fundamental/primary goals and objectives.

     The director of the TRL Alliance helps in interdisciplinary areas and strives to improve the research community in general.


  • Gender, Religious, Racial Equality

  • Migration

  • Global inequality and poverty


Rights & Liberties

  • Human Rights

  • Implementation

  • Civic Engagement

  • Protection of Journalists and Activists

  • Funding for NGOs & Independent Media



  • Impact/Social Investing

  • Unconditional Global Basic Income

  • Blockchain & Crypto

  • Economy 4.0

Special Areas

  • TRL Global Healthcare/Medicine

  • TRL Global Education

  • TRL Space Foundation

  • TRL Demography


Token of Earth (ecology)

Blockchain Laboratory

Global Charity Fund

TRL Global Science


Responds promptly in the event of a signal from the special sectors on religious and racial equality.

Gender, Religious,

Racial Equality

Develops and implements suggestions for the refinement of the Gender inequality index algorithms based on the United Nations Development Programme – Human Development Reports

     Optimises the algorithm for calculating the basic income depending on the number of years of citizenship (a potential change in the number of years; at the moment it

stands at twenty years; the aim is to avoid streams

of migration into countries with a high TRL Rate)

Follows the trend of migration processes according to the UN system; promptly adjust the Token of Peace 

                       algorithms that positively influence the                                             decrease in forced migration

    Develops programmes for the return of forced migrants

    Finances organisations working with migrants


Criteria for the effectiveness of our work:

The reduction in global forced migration

Appoints a representative in every country who will be responsible for the reducing the GINI coefficient

Finances programmes for the annual calculation of the GINI coefficient

Criteria for the effectiveness of our work:

The global reduction of inequality

Participates in the development of

international programmes for the TRL

Global Foundation focusing on reducing 

inequality, as well as the further

funding of these programmes

Global inequality and poverty

Optimises the algorithms for allocating funds

from the TRL Local Fund according to the

“Top35/under99” rule (coordination

with the CFO is obligatory)

Actively cooperates with the CFO and with

representatives from the following associations:

Economy 4.0; Unconditional Global Basic

Income; Social/Impact Investing

Rights & Liberties

Human Rights

Actively cooperates with the Association

Coordinators: implementation;

protection of journalists and

activists; civic engagement

Develops and includes criteria in the

  Token of Peace algorithm, which reduce

     the number of political prisoners

       (recognise the existence of

         political prisoners)

Cooperates with organisations working in

human rights protection


Collects, approves/rejects, implements

and adjusts points in the general

implementation table

Details the progressive scale of influence on TRL fluctuation (increasing: from

local courts to international courts;

the aim is to stop political and

knowingly illegal persecutions at the

earliest level)

Actively cooperates with representatives

of the TRL Movement “Implementation”

and the TRL Alliance

Supports (if necessary) the completion of

the TRL Implementation table in terms of

providing data from OECD or Gallup

Finances programmes for every country

(as well as determine the volume donated

to the OECD and Gallup programmes)

Civic engagement

Actively cooperates with Regional Line

Facilitators for the national application of

‘Soft Law’ instruments

Protection of

Journalists &


Actively participate in LIVE-rating

Organise/support international and local

forums of journalists and activists

Cooperate with organisations working in

this field

Develops grant programmes

Actively cooperates with the directors of

the following associations: “Protection of Journalists and Activists”; Impact/Social

Investing; Civic Engagement; and the

director of the Global Charity Fund.

Funding for

NGOs &




Actively cooperates with the CFO

Develops programmes for funding organisations/companies in whose

charters there appears a department

for social impact





Basic Income

Finances programmes which explain

the general processes of UBI and in

particular TRL

Actively cooperates with the CFO and

the directors of the association

Economy 4.0

Finances the programme “controlling hacking”

Processes verifications

Searches for areas of development for

the blockchain platform Token of Peace*

Develops and finances perspective

blockchain projects

Blockchain &


Develops a transaction filter (with the aim of preventing spending on goods that have been categorised as illegal in TRL countries)

* Inc. develops the platform and technological component 

of the Token of Peace (Blockchain Laboratory)

Develops the TRL programme as an

investment instrument for citizens

Finances the re-qualification programme;

provide information about new opportunities

Economy 4.0

Actively participates in the preparation

of the theoretical and practical

evolution of state social welfare

Cooperates with the director of

neighbouring and interdisciplinary fields

Analyses global changes in the

structure for allocating of work places

Develops algorithms for the

distribution of social finance with 

the aim of reducing global inequality

Special areas,

Global Charity Fund

& Token of Earth

Global Charity Fund

     Manages five percent of all TRL Global Foundation funds; allocates

these funds in the form of direct assistance to NGOs around the


     1) Works with organisations that are

· significantly helping seriously ill people

· monitoring and solving ecological problems (cooperation with the

director of the Token of Earth)

     2) Donates across the world

     3) Conducts explanatory work in the field of careful consumption

and rationalising the use of ecologically harmful elements

Token of Earth

An ecological "satellite" that is similar to the human rights

mechanism Token of Peace.

In development.

  • Cooperates with organisations working in the

  • fields of healthcare/education

  • Signs MOUs with medical/education centres

  • Signs MOUs with the aim of presenting citizens with the option of paying for medical insurance/educational programmes using the Token of Peace

TRL Global Healthcare


TRL Global Education

TRL Space Foundation

Cooperates with private companies and state structures for the development of the non-military space industry.



Develops the platform and technological component of the Token of Peace



In development



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Full guide to action for global and assotiation coordinators