TRL Open Licenses & Certificates

International Researcher Certificate

     TRL Global Foundation has launched its certification scheme (International Researcher Certificate) as part of the TRL Alliance—a global support system for civil and professional science.

In 2021 the first series of certificates will be awarded to those who have directly participated in the project over the last few years, as well as to those who have in some way had a significant and, in some cases indirect, impact on the process.

     Our calculations show that the first series of certificates will be awarded to people from a variety of professions from more than seventy countries. We are also introducing a few series of special certificates. These will be awarded to teams from organizations whose activities have played both major and minor roles in the development of TRL.


     You can add these certificates to your CV, share them on social networks, and include them on your Linkedin profile (the issuer TRL Alliance is marked as Think Tanks; you can read about TRL Licenses and Certificates here:

In time, each certificate will be given a unique NFT (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN).

     In line with our plans that we first announced in 2018, starting from the second half of 2021 the TRL Open Licenses & Certificates system will become accessible to specialists from all professions, regardless of the country they live in, their citizenship or language proficiency. You can request an IRC by specifying one of five Areas of Activity and one of 23 sectors. You may also be offered a pre-prepared certificate based on your competencies. According to our declaration about supporting interdisciplinary fields, from 2022 you will be able to request up to three certificates with different Areas of Activity and sectors.

     The address of the automated certificate request system will be published at a later date (don’t forget that you can speed up the process by specifying your TRL Alliance certificate on your Linkedin profile).

Follow this link for updates: However, it is important to remember TRL’s “zero media activity” strategy. We adhere to the opinion that the best PR is the long-term realization of our designated tasks without conducting any targeted media work, as well as gaining allies from all over the world. This has worked so far.

Information regarding the financial compensation for TRL volunteers with first series certificates and researchers with first and second series certificates, as well as holders of special series certificates*


*(The general algorithm is not final and may change)

     We deeply value the help of volunteers who have taken part in the project over the last few years and are eternally grateful to you for your generous support. This is an incredible example of global collaboration. There has always been a basic principle within the TRL mechanism thanks to which, once it has been launched, each one of you will receive a tangible token of gratitude : ). The time has finally come to tell you about this.

Across the world people are now receiving their certificates. These are volunteers, advisers, team members, and the first members of TRL Alliance/Science and TRL Movement “Implementation”.

We have already started preparing for the launch of the wallet-site and defining the job of the processing centers. This stage could take a long time. That is why we will first be launching a TRL model called NFT TRL.

     Non-Fungible Token — this is irrefutable fact and public confirmation of your impact on the existence and development of TRL.


     Once we have completed the necessary legal procedures, the processes for launching the issue mechanisms, and have approval from the regulators, a transaction will be made in the form of a fully-fledged digital currency to the accounts of all holders of first series NFT-TRL certificates.

Holders of second series certificates (no more than 1,000,000 of these certificates will be awarded) will also receive credits, but much fewer than first series certificate holders who took part in the project before the financial mechanism was launched (for your information: including TRL Alliance on your Linkedin profile or requesting “alliance@” will still allow you to receive a first series certificate, but this could be stopped at any point, and when that point will come we do not yet know ourselves)

     Alternatively, we will be launching a referral system for holders of first series certificates who have directly participated in the creation of TRL. This will allow their closest friends and family members to also receive special terms. A similar scheme will be rolled out for holders of special series certificates, which will be awarded to team members of organizations and projects who have had a significant influence on the creation of TRL (remember: our team is humanity). The number of referral links will be limited, and the certificates awarded by using these links will be classified as “series 1.1 certificates”.


     In the future, all certificate holders will need to create a profile in the digital wallet based on the received certificate (upload the certificate). Please (!) don’t forget to add your certificate to Linkedin.

You may be required to verify it when creating your wallet in accordance with KYC/AML procedures. Blockchain technology, which allows anonymous cross-border payments, is incompatible with the technical and legal aspects of TRL. The principle is one person—one account. Establishing administrative mechanisms for disclosing information in response to requests from regulators or other relevant bodies is a standard international procedure; full information about this, including the tedious legal terminology, will be published at a later date.

     Holders of first series certificates (including the special series) and second series certificates will be informed about the launch of the system for using the first digital wallets directly via the TRL GLobal Foundation site, as well as the various Linkedin groups (TRL Alliance; TRL Pro Bono Translators Community; and the TRL Movement “Implementation” which is now being prepared for launch) and their profile. We recommend following these pages.


     We may also release an additional document reminding you about the basic security rules and economic model of NFT_TRL. Thank you for being here : )



TRL Global Movement Team