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An experimentative way of engagement for a unique project.


     We hope that everyone would want to take part in a social project that would change the face of our civilisation. However, how can we target millions and hundreds of millions of people, with different competencies, experience, knowledge of languages, and living in all parts of the world?

     The social mechanism of TRL is built on a flexible and extensive structure of voluntary movements with unlimited numbers of participants. This allows us to apply a qualitatively new principle of engagement that fully corresponds to the philosophy of Economics 4.0. Everyone is involved in development and distribution of basic income. And everyone has an opportunity to influence any direction of TRL Global Foundation.

     There are two voluntary movements created for more active involvement in the development of the project. The third movement is research-based and involves conditional volunteering.


How to become a part of TRL: Register in the TRL Open Licences System. 1) CREATE ACCOUNT ; 2) GET CURRENCY

     The strength of TRL is not just in its content, but also in the social mechanisms that support it. We simplified these mechanisms without reducing their effectiveness.


The only thing participants are required to do before the funding program is launched is to add the TRL Free License into the “Licenses & Certifications” section of their Linkedin profiles (this can be done in 3 steps that should take no more than 9 seconds to complete). Need to follow this link to add the license

     1) If you are:

         a Researcher: fill in the following information: Title - Independent Scientist or International Researcher/Citizen Science:                              

         an Civil Activist: In the Title column enter ‘International Volunteer’:


         a Translator:

     2) A coordinator of a relevant field will contact you only if necessary. Your level of experience is not relevant; however, it is important to relate your competencies to potential tasks.​​

  •   In general, the direction of "Implementation” does not impose any requirements and absolutely everyone can join the      formation of a table of their country. For example, if you are a student or a new specialist in the area of Rights, this is an    opportunity to write a scientific analysis and offer your version of project development;

  •   If you already have many years of experience, you may be contacted by one of the coordinators of TRL Alliance. We        need your expertise to improve the algorithm of every direction that determines the basic income


     Our aim is globalisation of civil society.  Citizens of the world and the civil society of this world are needed in order to solve the world’s problems. The old model of noumenal civil societies is limited, and is unable to solve any more problems.

     Once funding programs are launched, coordinators will also be able to view your profile by linking it to your research funding application. This will enable us to update the request, which, where possible, will not only match the request, but will also be mutually beneficial to both parties*

*if you are not a member of any volunteering community, this will not result in refusal of funding for your organisation or your research


Why should you be a part of the TRL voluntary movement. 

A few words about a new World that everyone is involved in creating.

     Why do we need translations to all the languages of the World? This is because everyone will be receiving basic income and everyone has to understand how it is formulated, as well as understand that each person’s actions or inactions will have an impact on their own basic income.

     Why do we need TRL Implementation? We would never have calculated the basic income for every country without our “volunteer movement ‘Implementation’”, as this required filling in more than 12 000 values, all of which were contained in 35 UN depositories and tens of international treaties at the universal and regional level, for more than 200 countries.

     Why do we need TRL Alliance? The research community allows us to create and operationally incorporate changes. This is an opportunity to share your competencies with the whole humankind through TRL mechanisms of basic income.


     It is permissible to be involved in all three movements. You have the right to decline, when a coordinator contacts you, as we all have priorities, schedules, urgent matters, or simply may not be in the mood.  However, even people that do not identify themselves as volunteers of TRL, will receive basic income on par with those that are. So why should you help the project?

By being a part of the TRL Global Movement, you are indirectly helping a huge number of things:

  • As a result of TRL developing with your help, there will be financing of medical programs. This not only relates to health of people you have never met and are unlikely to meet, for example, a 47-year-old citizen of Lao or a 5-year-old girl from Chili, but it also directly relates to the health of your loved ones;

  • This is a fundamental solution to the problem of forced and illegal migration directly in the source countries, and protection from populism. We must remember that people leave their homeland not because their life is good, but because they are fleeing from inequality, poverty, lack of rights, and more importantly because they do not feel optimistic that things will change for the better;

  • This is an increase of trust towards the main social entities and reduction of concerns for your future;

  • This means access to relevant education at any age and an opportunity to dedicate more of your time towards sciences, spirituality and creativity;

  • Lastly, you are eradicating the fear of job loss from yourself and millions of other people and get an opportunity to plan a family without fear of having means of income to support it;

This is the implementation of the principle of One planet – one Humanity

     Your input helps to achieve these amazing things by: helping to translate the project, completing one of the 12 thousand cells in the Implementation Table or by having a Memorandum of Understanding with TRL Global Foundation with your commercial/non-commercial organisation, publishing house, educational or medical facility. It is one of those amazing cases, when you can say: I did this for the whole humanity, and it will be true, but deep down you will also know that you did this for yourself and for those you love.

     If you open a page about those who inspired us, you will see that global direction ‘TRL ALLIANCE. HUMANISM’ has the main principle at its core: all the world's children have the right to life and to happiness.

     The creation of TRL Charity Fund was drawn out of and born as a result of Mercy, which is reflected in the slogan ‘Love. Freedom. Mercy’ The understanding of Mercy is not subject to any religious, intellectual, or social influence.

     Only as a result of having a comprehensive worldview, you can count on support in any country and in any social group.

     We tried to provide the widest possible coverage of problems and even by remembering the history of our own families we can each imagine which negative events would not have happened if Token of Peace was already in place. For example: Holocaust, repressions, wars and their consequences, forced migration, failure to break the vicious circle of low-paid work-poor education-poverty, racial and religious conflicts, gender inequality, and many other forms of discrimination. All this ultimately leads us to believe that the root of a worthy existence is the existence of a global social mechanism capable of opposing this.

     The TRL project is based on a big Idea that solves a lot of problems in a phenomenal interdisciplinary way. This gives everyone hope that there will be changes for the better, with solutions to urgent problems that lie on the surface, and solutions to problems that are not obvious, but that affect everyone. Almost all these problems are beyond the scope of time, they existed a thousand years ago, and they are still acute today.

      People sacrifice their time and expertise to the Idea, finding it so relevant to themselves personally and to everyone else as a whole.

     We, in turn, follow the principle of maximum openness. That is why you can find instructions for each of our directions in the public domain.

     The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written 70 years ago. TRL is the development of the most important document in the history of mankind with the use of technologies that did not exist at the time of its writing.

     Lastly, in the new Millennium more than a thousand journalists and several thousand human rights defenders were killed. They fought for us. Look at their faces and imagine that this year we can also lose hundreds of courageous and selfless people. We are all working together to create not only a basic income, but also a socio-economic mechanism so that people who are important for the development of our civilization do not die at the hands of villains, who themselves are often captives of the deep-rooted situation. Specify one of the TRL directions in your profile, and we will all try to make our World a better place.

One planet – one humanity.


TRL Global Movement Team

     What makes our project stand out is the incredible level of support that volunteers across the world are willing to show. In an age of extraordinary innovation, we know that solutions to the world’s biggest challenges are best achieved when everyone contributes, and many minds working together will always result in a better outcome. There are many ways to help the Token of Peace:

Volunteer movement “Implementation

     An activist movement taking place in every country in the world; the primary task is to complete and keep the “implementation” table up to date according to the instructions.


Global aim: to maintain up-to-date information for more than 200 countries relating to the following areas

  • The membership of international and regional organisations

  • The fulfilment and/or violation of international treaties at a universal and regional level

  • The national application of ‘Soft Law’ instruments

  • The implementation of recommendations and rulings given by international and regional judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, including the committees of UN Treaty Bodies, as well as statements and recommendations made by UN Special Rapporteurs

  • The exact figures for the basic income of every country as per the Token of Peace algorithm

     Human rights advocates and members of civil society in more than 150 countries to fill out the TRL Implementation table for their country. Join them!

Translators Pro Bono Community

     The global aim of the TRL Translators Community: to emulate the success of the most translated document in history, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in terms of the quantity of languages it has been translated into.

     See to the global or local coordinator of your language.

TRL Alliance

     Our global research community. Goal: the Global improvement of the situation in the accountable areas according to independent accounts, as well as the general increase in TRL Rate not in the short term but in the long term.

 for translators